WL//WH Video Premiere: MNTTAB Explores the Nostalgic Skies with “Alison”

WL//WH Premiere mnttaB

Melbourne‘s noise-inflected synth-punk act, mnttaB returns with a brand new mini-album titled “This Friction” via Detonic Recordings

Whatever the opposite of minimal is they’re doing it again…but louder. 7 immersive electronic tracks with moods ranging from abrasion to caress.
Contrail or Chem-trail? Kaleidoscope or Rorschach? It’s hard to tell until you get up close.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the mind-bending DIY video for the opening spacey and evocative song “Alison”.

Lyrics confirm that even the most anxiety producing glitches in the matrix can comfort a lost soul who finds certainty, security, and normalcy in the fading lines of a chem-trailed sky.

“Alison” is driven by obsessively buzzing and syncopated bass pulses that urge fragile bittersweet connections through icy tinkling synth flows interspersed by smashing and clamouring beats to open heady doorways of lost time around dire, distant, and distorted male vocals treading anxious nostalgia and euphoric longing through the murky droning outflows of morphing echoes and surreal fears.

The conceptual video manipulates the mind’s eye of circulation through a whimsical stratosphere of reflective aerial symmetry. Eternal horizons from soaring planes stream mirror reflections into noxious grid lines of sinister dread whilst the lurking menace of claustrophobic chemtrail circuitry spawns spiralling funnels of hypnotic imagery. Kaleidoscopic manipulations merge warped dissections into swirling vortices and combustible frequencies to propagate optical deceptions and covert operations with parallel timelines of subconscious dread.

MNTTAB‘s “This Friction” Mini-Album is out now, on ltd. handmade Cassette & Digital, via Detonic Recordings

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