WL//WH Video Premiere: MINDREADER Haunts Halloween with a Shadowy “Parasite” Vision


photo by Ryan Rumple

WL//WH is very happy to celebrate in great shape our Halloween by hosting back to the blog the Montreal, Quebec-based Dark Wave foursome, Mindreader, fresh from winning the best music video award at the Rome Prisma Film Awards for last August’s debut single “The Kill”, with a premiere of the nightmarish spectral new Music Video by Alexandre Favre for the follow-up, “Parasite.” 

The genre-bending Canadian four-piece blends ambient textures, vocal harmonies, and haunting storytelling with driving electronic rhythms reminiscing of the 80s, to create a hypnotic live performance and bring to life its own vision of modern Darkwave.

“Parasite” dives into the subconscious fright night archetype of the shadow man to send shivers up the spine with nightmarish fascinations.

photo by Ryan Rumple

Eerie, haunting, and emotionally charged, “Parasite” pulls steady hypnotic snare beats with obsessively throbbing humming bass lines, meandering along with reverberant and glistening wistful guitar melodies, and uncanny weeping synth flashes, swirling desolately around a beautifully emotive vocal delivery, severely bewitching with shadowy supernatural lore, into a stormy cinematic atmosphere of helpless, ghostly fear.

The dramatic visuals, directed by Alexandre Favre star Henri Patenaude as a frightened little boy who awakens alone under a full moon, to find himself tormented by the relentless silent scares of the shadow man. An on-set, living room performance by Mindreader shuffles lots of sinister suggestions into horror-flick-inspired flashbacks to sync seamlessly with the timeless spooky vibes of the soundtrack.

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photo by Ryan Rumple