WL//WH Video Premiere: LIVE FOR YOU “Gem1n1 Sun//Gem1n1 Moon”

Video Premiere Live For You

Los Angeles based cold wave duo Live For You, made up by lovers and newlyweds Caitlin Rae and Eddie Wuebben, release a video for the mesmerizing love song “Gem1n1 Sun//Gem1n1 Moon”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, the first single taken from the sophomore EP “Sometimes It Feels Like Chains” out today, Cassette/Digital, through Orlando’s Pophihil label.
The couple, and consequently the project, were torn apart, too quickly and tragically, by the sudden passing of Eddie on October 6th, 2019 at just 29 years old.
Following her own personal struggles and dealing with the loss of her loved one, Caitlin began to seek help. After some time to settle with her feelings, she found the strength to revisit, with the support of Noah Anthony (Profligate) on mixing and mastering duties, these deeply personal recordings – which, thankfully, lead to the decision to share this in honour of Eddie’s life.
“Out of the entire EP, this song, “Gem1n1 Sun//Gem1n1 Moon” is the one that encapsulates Eddie’s and my union. It talks of falling in love, making sacrifices and magic in reality. The song and video are dreamy in nature— just like the connection the two of us shared. The video is bittersweet— performing it alone. I want people to hear the love we had for each other in the song yet see the sadness in my face without him in a manic hyper-coloured world.” – Caitlin Rae
Echoing New Order melancholic synth-pop vibe through lush bouncy instrumentation, sparkling guitar stabs that linger and propagate, piercing the cold, numb synth haze over an ominous pulsing bassline, charged by steady off-tempo beats, as airy sad female vocals echo whispered intoxications into the swirling dreamscape, swept in sparkling dramatic introspections and hypnotic passions.

The intimate lyrics unravel in the overpowering emotional feelings associated with falling in love and the struggle to maintain one’s identity within the other.

The bittersweet video, created by Perfect Zero R&D, Adam Muraki, Martin A. Coyle, and Matthew Samways, occurs after the death of Caitlin’s husband Eddie and captures the sad, lonely abandonment found on her face while their love blooms from the warm shades of sunset, before shifting into a blurry blue dance sequence lost in escapist pain. An unfocused lens smears expressions into an unrecognizable silhouette, while negative light photography distorts emotional turmoil into dark shadow traces, that disconnect from reality and lie hidden beneath the swirling layer of cold detachment and disillusioned fear.

Music is how we fell in love and I feel excited to put out these songs that brought us so close together

Live For You‘s second EP “Sometimes It Feels Like Chains” is available on Cassette/Digital via Florida‘s independent label Popnihil and digital platforms Spotify and Itunes, in August.