WL//WH Video Premiere : Lady Lynch “Schatten Island”

Video Premiere  Lady Lynch

‘Somber and perfectly moody’ Vienna-based post-punk / new wave 4-piece Lady Lynch, made of Theresa Adamski, Philipp Forthuber, Lina Gaertner and Christian Sundl, have finally release their debut self-titled album via forward-thinking DIY label Cut Surface.

Recorded in April 2018 in an abandoned electro club in the basement of an apartment building of Vienna’s 5th district. Vocals, bass, guitar and drums. Lady Lynch play and record all their songs live. Just a few takes. Everything is perfectly prepared. The tracks get mastered by musician and producer Dino Spiluttini. No post-production. Directly, on tape. Everything sounds exactly as it should. A white blaze in the dark. So distant. So close. Falling into place.

Today we are glad to premiere the video for “Schatten Island” featuring Sweden-based musician, artist and EBM culture freak Cole Black, behind and in front of the camera, engaged in a personal and genuine interpretive dance.

Minimalistic, intense and hypnotic, “Schatten Island”, built on the contrast between the gloomy instrumentation and the mesmerizing vocals, is driven by searing and distressing guitar chords underpinned by repetitive and relentless drums, sparse cymbal beats, and profound and murky bass pulses contrary to the hazy, bewitched voice, embodying a sense of tranquility, peace, and harmony

Wonderfully soothing, calming, and, lysergic, “Schatten Island” is a place where you can take off your armor, let your hair down, and dance on the shores. There is no conflict, games, or endless light of inspection.

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Photo by Tina Bauer