WL//WH Video Premiere: LA MÉCANIQUE’s Journey From “Avenc”

WL//WH Premiere La Mécanique

Unmistakably part of the impressive heritage of the Quebec capital’s synth artists, Montreal denizen Francis Nothingwater, better known as La Mecanique, is finally on the verge to drop his long-awaited second album “L’oubli des Origines”, scheduled to be released on November 5, 2021 via Cold Transmission Music, masterly produced by Pedro Code of Iamtheshadow.

La Mechanique seamlessly switches between expansive pensive melancholy and whirling euphoric drifts, brimming with a growing abundance of pulsating emotive emphasis and unbridled passion, as well as able to instil all the contradictions and turbulences of a human soul into a poignant and captivating distinctive synth-driven coldwave sound.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the immersive DIY music visuals for the latest single, “Avenc”, laced with cathartic lyrics that dive into the psychological realms of despair, loss, and loneliness while searching for meaning, hope, and rebirth into life.

Light invigorating icy-bright synth waves twirl in ecstatic throbbing melodies amid heart-racing dance beats and low ominous buzzing bass tones to create depth defying sonic auras around the atmospheric vocal, layerings of cold, numb, and fearful breathes with warm emotional cries to open new horizons of excitement tinged in nostalgia and dread.

The symbolic black and white video capture an intimate moment in time where past, present, and future timelines merge into the clarity of letting go. A dilapidated old house sets the stage for the next chapter in La Mecanique’s story to evoke shattered dreams, deconstructed memories, and fear of closure. A hypnotic flow of motion enshrouds a soul-stirring journey with endless fields of possibilities whilst psychedelic overlays expand insight, awareness, and hidden desire. Introspective tendencies from a traumatic disaster emerge, reborn, with novel wisdom, perspective, and ability to move forward from pain.

La Mécanique‘s sophomore full-length LP, “L’oubli des Origines”, is due on November 5, 2021, on Limited 12″ Vinyl /CD/Digital, through German independent label Cold Transmission Music.

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