WL//WH Video Premiere: KELLI FRANCES CORRADO Transforms Pain With “The Sea In Me”


Kelli Frances Corrado is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, a quilt of memories and mysticism. Growing up in Chicago, she would sneak out during school nights to see hip hop shows and spend Sundays learning prayer rituals taught by a Bohemian Czech grandmother.

This set a unique musical foundation. Leading her to pursue opera training, string arranger, beat making and classical poetry. Giving voice to her spiritual beliefs. She has lived many lives before putting her heart in song: social worker, student, tap dancer, teacher, wanderer. Living in the Black Forest, London and by the sea. These patches of experience bring together a musical broth of magical realism and urban life ripe with lucid dreams and superstition. 

On the Winter Solstice day, WL//WH is pleased to premiere the soul-stirring DIY video for the Ambient Experimental track “The Sea In Me” taken by Kelli Frances Corrado’s latest 7-track album “Tuff Feathers” released last October via Richmond, Virginia-based LGBTQ centered label Grimalkin Records.

“The Sea In Me” is laced with devotional lyrics that use the powerful healing properties of the sea to inspire a belief in something greater than oneself, thus transforming a personal tragedy into a ceremonial surge of cleansing and rebirth.

Heart pulsing liquid beats drive waves of fear through a hypnotic spatial synth-scape droning and spinning warm blowing melodies around the tragic beauty of high shivering and fluttering vocal energies, to draw depth defying breathes, echoing distortions, and angsty cries from the magnetic pull of flute-like airs, low menacing bassline buzzes, and ominous bell tolls to travel back to a place where primal archetypes and metaphysical powers give birth to alternate horizons.

The nostalgic visuals cast muted heather grey hues over a hypnotic flow of symbolic imagery to stir heartache, beauty, and pain into an evocative mystery. Shadowy textures overlay romantic gestures using brief glimpses of a downcast stare, a wedding chapel, and stunning flora and fauna to tap into bittersweet memories while exorcising subconscious daemons into a cathartic renewal of dreams.

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