WL//WH Video Premiere: KAREN VOGT & MOTTLE fuse a love of Recycling into “Time Will Grant You Space”


Ambientologist label’s Sustain Series returns for its third iteration, bringing together ever-more artists for another showcase of recycled music. Reworks and newfound collaborations make up this 27-piece album, demonstrating what can be achieved with ‘one’s trash and another’s treasure’.

Paris denizen Australian artist, vocalist, musician and half of the longstanding Dream-Pop duo Heligoland, Karen Vogt, returns in a collaboration with Minneapolis-based experimentalist Chris Kostelec AKA Mottle with the stirring piece “Time Will Grant You Space”, as part of the third volume of the Various Artists “Sustain Series Vol. 3” charity compilation series via Amsterdam‘s Ambientologist label, featuring, amongst others, marine eyes, All India Radio, Ai Yamamoto, Fionnlagh, James Bernard, Halftribe, Gallery Six, Marty Hicks, Seabuckthorn, anthéne, IKSRE, City Of Dawn, Rinnovare, where artists donate unfinished music to be recycled into a final vision by another artist.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the awe-inspiring DIY video by Karen Vogt herself with footage from Virginia‘s multidisciplinary artist Anthony L. Childs.

Floating emotive-charged oneiric dimensions wavering between incantation and lingering dread, organically coalesce in atmospheric droning modulations and impalpable hushed vocalizations, whilst caressing synth waves and vibrating outflows merge into an ethereal realm of cool spatial airs cast in shimmering rains and glistening chimes to stir magical mercurial moods into a timeless head space where hot and cold sensibilities meet along cathartic sentiments of growth and reflection.

Magnificent, high-definition video captures the breathtaking beauty of moths. Surreal yet crystalline visions inspect the vibrant hues, fragile textures, and rare personalities of each specimen to conjure universal symbols for wisdom, direction, and insight. Time lapsed momentums, blurry backdrops, and fantastic camera angles hone in on the unique patterns and unseen connections made manifest by the union of winged segments, to sync seamlessly with the arousing trembling sentience of the ambient soundtrack.

All proceeds from Volume 3 will be donated to Eden Reforestation Projects, to help continue their work sustaining important local environments, and providing jobs to those that restore and maintain them.

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