WL//WH Video Premiere: JOLANDA MOLETTA drops an A Cappella breath of timeless connection to “Let The Waves In”


Turin-born, Italian experienced vocalist and multimedia artist Jolanda Moletta, front-woman for over a decade of the folk band She Owl, shares the first of nine videos from her upcoming debut album “Nine Spells.” Each track will release as a single with its own collage artwork as well as a dedication to one of Jolanda’s female ancestors.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the first song “Spell 1: Let the Waves In” dedicated to her grandmother the violin player, who gave up after marrying, the only other musician in her family, via Ambientologist, a new label dedicated to the psychological capabilities of music.

Filmed and directed by Jolanda (with the help of a few friends), the video portrays a confrontation between oneself and one’s emotions. The mirror represents a pool of water, where the protagonist is trapped. At the same time, the reflected image is trying to pull herself out of the mirror and emerge into the real world. What seems to be a battle between two opposites may become a reconciliation between two parts of the same whole, a shadow work that integrates the dream and the physical state.

A lyrical a cappella composition, free from the hindrance of man-made instrumentation and tribal word emerges from the dynamic well of human existence to flow strong and fragile, piercing and numbing, hot and cold into a breathtaking choir of evocative tones, rising and falling in agony and ecstasy of high and low frequencies to balance cathartically into an organic droning harmony of pure breath and life energy.

Beautiful and hypnotic black and white imagery invoke wisdom and purpose from a female ancestor using Mother Nature’s vast array of inspiration. Buried answers lie beneath the surface of carefully gathered foliage, where an unearthed mirror harnesses introspective awareness. A ceremonial dedication compels hands to dance, eyes to uncover, and breath to inhale the long-lost memories, knowledge, and archetypal symbols used by those who travelled the world before us to break into the subconscious dwellings of intuition and share.

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