WL//WH Video Premiere: JACKSON VANHORN “Faces”

Video Of The Day Jackson VanHorn

WL//WH is pleased to premiere Indianapolis singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jackson VanHorn’s release of an enigmatic video for the dystopian track “Faces”, taken from his latest 10-track album “After the Rehearsal”out now Vinyl, Cassette/Digital, through Icy Cold Records and Manic Depression Records

Refined and atmospheric, “Faces” unwinds hypnotic, lashing beats that roll rapidly over airy glowing synth swells and alienating warbling bass oscillations. forming a rush of electronic emotion below lost, soul-stirring male vocals torn between longing and pain, while icy twinkling guitar melodies wistfully reverberate into the perpetual spin of shattered dreams.

Poetic lyrics continue the deconstructed ascent from the spectacular madness that was once home and brandish the battle scars that block subconscious awareness.

Mind-boggling negative light editing techniques draw alternate dimensions from the 1999 avant-garde/  experimental short film “Outer Space”, directed by Peter Tscherkassky, to bring yet another layer of intrigue and viewer interaction to the thought-provoking clip. Sci-Fi quantum vibes extract enigmatic white energy from a light-shadow reflection to duplicate external textures onto a 3D translucent overlay, disintegrating the time and space continuum with immersive kaleidoscopic fragments.

The ‘Buried in the Rocks Rework’ of “Faces” by Jackson VanHorn himself is out now on Bandcamp. 

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Photo by @heathurrose / @rosetintedphotos