WL//WH Video Premiere // Interview: “Chaotic Ride” by MEAT INJECTION

WL//WH Premiere // Interview Meat Injection

This is the official video of “Chaotic Ride” by Athens-based darkwave act Meat Injection, it releases today, and for this reason (plus more) I sat down with Cleopatra Caido and Dimitris Katsikadis for an interview on all things about it and the band.

  • Hello Meat Injection and welcome to WL//WH! What we just watched was a striking piece of darkwave music, your new video ‘Chaotic Ride’! How come you chose that song from your last album ‘System Anomaly’?

Dimitris: Thank you for having us, we believe that this song is one of the most cinematic and characteristic tracks of the album. Because of its groovy style regarding the beat and the feeling, we felt that this is a song that should be visualized, including a dark romantic scenario.

Cleopatra: Dimitri I’m glad you see things in a romantic way, I will add that it is dark with a great amount of realism and madness.

  • What is the song all about? Who wrote the lyrics?

Cleopatra: Chaotic Ride refers to people who have not found themselves and, driven by chaos, they end up in the madness. We all know that, nowadays, and especially in this period we are going through, the world is facing its fears, loneliness, confusions, and insecurities. The lyrics were written by me before the “release” of covid 19 and now that I think about it, maybe, for some, “Chaotic Ride” fits in the whole situation of the pandemic.

  • It is no typical video meaning it doesn’t show the band performing somewhere but it has a scenario behind it. Can you tell us all about it, please?

Cleopatra: I wrote the script in such a way, in order to pass emotions through facial expressions and body language. I wanted to emphasize the anger, the oppression, the chaos, the madness that a man lives, trapped (figuratively) in a suit. Dimitris Katsikadis and Babis Kaidos are, essentially, one person, in conflict, with himself. My role is the voice that speaks to their subconscious, the voice of truth, and when the mind plays games this person transforms from a demon figure to an angel. The maid (Johanna Athanasiou) is the face of the delusion that weakens the mind, the doctor (Achilleas C.) is the form, the shape of despair and resignation and the psychiatric room symbolizes the confinement of the soul.

  • I see that Nikos Chantzis (Press Eject and Give me the Tape) created the video, why did you choose to work with that director? What did he bring and what did he give to the song?

Dimitris: Nikos is a respectable artist of the local scene. He has collaborated with lots of artists from Greece and has also produced documentaries from the darkwave-post punk- electro wave scene of the country which in our opinion are a state of art and a legacy for all the people who love this kind of music.

Cleopatra: Nikos is a talented person with an intuitive personality. He takes his work very seriously, he loves what he does and he does it in a professional way.

  • May I ask, are we gonna watch another video too from the album? I have the feeling that after the lockdown you will focus more on the band with possible live shows or head into the studio for a new release?

Dimitris: Actually we are focused on making new music right now as we are planning to make a new release in summer, but in the near future we will make a new clip, either from the ‘’System Anomaly’’ album or from new stuff.

  • ‘System Anomaly’ LP was a very powerful record. I’d like to discover and learn where did all this pressure inside the disk come from and what do you really map into it?

Cleopatra: It is true, Mike, that the whole album is really intense. With Meat Injection, the basic condition is spontaneity. We write about what comes out of our soul, good, bad, paradox, dark, romantic. Passion is what gives the intensity, our energy. Dimitris and I, both believe in this band and we want to pass this belief to any other member who joins the band. We want to be united and have a common vision. To play music and whatever it is to come, to come because we really deserve it.

  • Cleopatra, I was speaking about you the other day with an acknowledged singer from the Athenian dark alternative front and she told me this very convincing thing about you, “Kleopatra is actually a rock singer, but the girl knows so well how to react and how to sing her lyrics as a total darkwave singer”. Where are you coming from artistically? What other musical paths are you ready to explore?

Cleopatra: I am happy with what I read and I would like to thank her for the kind words. When I was a teenager I used to listen to many rock bands, mainly Gothic, alternative rock, heavy metal, Electro darkwave, black metal, even jazz, and blues. All this played a role in how my voice was formed. Artistically, I come from a creative family, my dad used to paint, my mother was a musician, but in a different genre from what I do, so she supported me a lot with the video clip. The video was filmed it at my family’s home and I thank her for everything. I often discover new music and when I want to sing or write something, I am really getting into it, seriously.

  • And the music, Dimitris? What are all these things that torment you and you offer us such incredible musings?

Dimitris: Thank you for the kind words, I believe that these tunes come from facing my demons and trying to feel the vibe of all creatures of this world, as well as all the emotions … pain, love, affection, hatred.

  • Ιs the timing good to ask you about the band’s fresh news (except for the video)?

Cleopatra: Yes, of course! We have a remix of a powerful Greek band that we will not reveal its name yet and will be released in the summer with a special release. Also, we have, a subversive remix by Pedro Code and IAMTHESHADOW, that will be released soon, in the collection of the Swedish magazine SVARTPUNKT.

  • Meat Injection is a strong name for a band, why do you call your act like that?

Dimitris: Meat Injection in British slang means either a one-night stand or shooting dope. Fair enough…

  • M.I. thank you very much for your time, last words on you!

Cleopatra: Thank you Mike for this interview and for your support. We want to say a big thank you to those who supported us in this new step of ours, family, friends, and of course Nikos Chatzis. And finally, Mike, if you need a doctor for an injection you know where you will find us… Lack of faith kills. We all need to remember this and we do not want any pills.

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