WL//WH Video Premiere: INTERMERE Dive Deeply and “Forever” into an Ethereal Soundscape

WL//WH Premiere  Intermere 

Started in 2019, Intermere is the side project of the Brighton, UK based songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Craig and his longtime partner, vocalist Jane Craig, who you might identify with the jangly Shoegaze Pop band Dreamcoaster, formerly known as Dreams of Empire.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the video for Intermere’s second single, “Forever”, giving us a deep immersion into their more Ethereal/Slowgaze experimentations influenced by the intricate layered guitars and reverbed otherwordly vocals of Ultra Vivid Scene, The Darkside, Spiritualized and Cocteau Twins.

Forever” is a timeless 6:31sec track that immediately enthrals the listener in a calm expansion of uplifting glowing swathes, solemn, grounding warm bass pulses, plodding, subtly crashing, tinny percussions and distantly vibrant blooms of anthemic guitar strains, whilst a heavenly choir of ethereal vocals softly drone in and out with celestial resonances, to stir the soul with a bittersweet contemplation, perhaps of a beautiful new horizon, found at the melancholic behest being far from home.

Symbolic, DIY visuals use royalty-free vintage clips depicting the isolation of space travel to sync with the loneliness of the soundtrack. Imaginative overlays and the strategic placement of disintegrating objects create a fantastic realm of slow-moving time, where parachutes glide like jellyfish, and light orbs flow like air bubbles against the prismatic rays of the sun and the gentle rotation of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Intermere‘s digital single “Forever” is available now on Andrew’s Duck Race Recording Co. label via the band’s  Bandcamp.

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