WL//WH Video Premiere: INDOOR VOICES’ new single “I Hide” it’s “All That You Wish For” from Shoegaze


Since the latter half of the first decade of the 21st century, Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist and sound sculptor  Jonathan Relph, under his recording alias Indoor Voices, has been a distinct and meticulous purveyor of swirling, emotive and mesmeric vocal-lead shoegazing songs interpolated with immersive and trance-inducing instrumental atmospheric soundscapes, in which the relentless striking dichotomy of melody and noise, harmony and dissonance never fail to pull at the listener emotions.

The Canadian artist is going to release this Friday his brand new single, “I Hide b/w All That Wish For”, anticipated by a DIY music video in which the main track, “I Hide”, is combined with the ambient composition “All That You Wish For”, WL//WH is thrilled to premiere.

Working on the visuals of the standalone single “I Hide”, while I was sequencing it, I thought a really nice contrast happened between the two songs that could be really interesting to explore visually, albeit “I Hide” is sequenced with a different song on the LP which I’m hoping to release early in the new year.

The double feature merges and dissipates polar moods into airy hollow fluting tones, soaring and falling through reverb-laden ringing guitar swarms, whilst rambunctious drum beats stir rippling waves of fuzzy distortions, with whooshing and crumbling flanged sweeps around obsessive scattered ecstatic thoughts of fear, uncertainty, and shame. An interlude deconstructs fretful and overwhelmed headspace with quivering jet streams and pouring waterfalls travelling into an alternate dimension, where tranquil tinkling piano drops pave a minimal path of concentration through atmospheric droning effect-laden tones, to awaken an inner calm of meditative focus with open airs of infinite clarity.

The symbolic, interpretive video depicts a mental transition from the alien existence of technological angst into the serene freedom of the earth’s stratosphere, using neon blue-grey filters to blur and dissect an intimate release of disruptive energy. Jittery translucent trace overlays extract disturbing feelings from an up-close camera shot to spawn depth-defying visual perceptions of subdermal anxieties, while time-lapsed extremes ebb and flow in stress-inducing frequencies to depict internal struggles of pain and dread. Midway, a dramatic shift, in sync with the soundtrack, switches into an immersive experience of endless skies to transform the mind’s eye into timeless tranquillity free from the destructive disharmonies of past distractions.

Indoor Voices‘ new single, “I Hide b/w All That Wish For”, will be out tomorrow, Friday 3rd December 2021, on Bandcamp and all the major music platforms, Already on pre-order on Spotify

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