WL//WH Video Premiere: HELIGOLAND “Running”

WL//WH Video Premiere  HELIGOLAND

Australian, relocated to Paris, dream pop veterans Heligoland, comprised of Karen Vogt (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Steve Wheeler (bass, guitars, keyboards), released, last February, their first full-length studio album in more than a decade, titled “This Quiet Fire”, with the illustrious, former Cocteau Twins, Robin Guthrie at the production/mixing helm.

Ten rich, immersive, emotional-laden tunes, deftly melding mesmeric, rarefied dreamlike reveries and mellow arcane wistful folksy suggestions, at the same time spacious and profound, that unfold along slow, winding melodies, dense, layered shimmery guitars, heart-pulsing bassline, and smooth percussive movements, ennobled by a heavenly, introverted and compelling voice.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere an emotive conceptual video, created by German artist Thomas Beckmann, for the heady and blissful LP track “Running”.

The images are not overpowering, but somehow spark the imagination and allow the viewer to insert their own interpretation. In this way, it very much suits the way we make music too. We really love his beautifully subtle, shimmering and artistic visual style

Gorgeous atmospheric female vocalizations spread the soothing, caressing agony and ecstasy of “Running” barefoot through a field of dreams with hypnotic, droning hums, elated celestial augmentations, deep heartfelt croons, and light echoing dimensions, while slow and steady shuffled beats, tinkling guitar gilding, icy airy synth washes and low comforting bass pulsations carry the breathless passions into a burgeoning horizon of enlightened hope.

Confessional lyrics explore the spiritual mysteries with grace and glee using the physical metaphor of a heartbeat to express an invisible life force of limitless spirit and joy.

Surreal, murky textures sketch subconscious remedies through a visual stream of consciousness. Grey, deceptively stormy energies surround a shadow life with a warm transformative sea of introspective tranquillity. Universal source energy erodes dark moods with a hidden flow of discernment, piercing horizontal frequencies with minute sunbeams to tune a sentient reception. Disconnected tides of fate slowly reveal themselves by opening blocked pathways of the mind with a rapid influx of fear, allowing a sublime transference to heal shattered dreams with new insight.

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