WL//WH Video Premiere: HEFT Connects With Ambient Queen KAREN VOGT in “Hive Mind and I”


Hailing from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), HEFT is the nome de plume of talented electronic producer and musician Zwel Mun Wint, on the verge of releasing his new album, “MENSCH”, the final installment in a captivating transformative trilogy, scheduled for November 17, 2023, via Florida-based imprint EC Underground.

What better way, as well as deepening our acquaintance with the Southeast Asian artist, to host the premiere of the fifth track and mesmerizing lead single, titled “Hive Mind And I”, featuring the intoxicating vocals and lyricism from our beloved Paris-based, Australian singer and musician Karen Vogt.

A unique blend of ambient and downtempo moody sounds, adorned with haunting melodies and introspective lyrics, creating a sonic landscape, that beautifully reflects the complexities of human emotions, “Mensch” is also a remarkably versatile album that offers not only music, but also a broader experience, showcasing talented artists such as Karen Vogt, analept, Recue, illocanblo, cat cancer, Mathmatrix, who are already well-known in the label roster, as well as introducing new artists like Alex Smoke and blanckien.

Bewitching, stirring, and immersive, “Hive Mind and I” wafts over an ever-shifting and swelling blend of hypnotic, crisp percussion patterns along with densely trembling and buzzing bass floors, enshrouded in alienating dazzly pads, shivering, increasingly pulsing, icy synth glows and an array of vibrating and droning frequencies, to embrace a hauntingly beautiful and emotive powerhouse KV vocal, layering an agony and ecstasy of crushed piercing cries with deep distant echoes, connecting cold and lonely souls with a deeply emotional and vibrant hive mind vibe.  

Surreal, distorted, and thought-provoking, the Le Quang Nhut‘s lyric video syncs curious, global, slice-of-life imagery with the collective consciousness of the soundtrack. A mirage of modern snapshots shuffles intimate inner turmoil with rapid urban flows, and virtual cybernetic fusions to heighten sensory perception into a melancholic disturbia, where alienation, fear, and confusion drip a lone tear of endless beauty into a hypnotic veil of hopeless dreams.

Heft‘s forthcoming digital full-length LP, “Mensch”, is due out on November 17, 2023, via Florida-based label EC Underground.

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