WL//WH Video Premiere: HECTORINE’s Love “Satellite” Veers off Course

WL//WH Video Premiere  Hectorine

Started in 2016 under the Francophone alias Hectorine, inspired by her late paternal grandmother, San Francisco-based singer and songwriter Sarah Gagnon, fresh from releasing her last June’s ethereal, atmospheric, and art-pop inspired sophomore album “TEARS” via Bay Area independent label Paisley Shirt Records. , has shared a whimsical Music Video, directed by Elyse Schrock (vocalist and drummer of Blues Lawyer/The World), WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

Sarah‘s rich and deep voice, wrapped in Nico-like lush, dark satin, soberly commands a soul-stirring concoction of sketches from 70s soft rock production and folk melodies that unfurl, in a heady shift of lights and shadows, over a suffused and introspective lyrical tide able of unravelling in enveloping and sinuously poignant emotional nuances, at the same time enchanting and mysterious, exploring “love, loss, nature, and the cosmos.”

“Tears” cover album

An immersive and introspective folk cradlesong, “Satellite”, is pervaded by an indissoluble sad melancholic aura and bittersweet romanticism, wafting in a rarefied lulling idyll of swinging soft rhythms, deep heart-pulsing bass and airy string swells, whilst a shimmering emotive rippled sea of brittle twinkling guitar melodies reverberate with a dreamlike mesmeric depth around powerful and emotional vocals evoking tragic beauty and heartfelt passion through a captivating stream of wistful longing.

The Elyse Schrock directed soul-stirring video blends dramatic acting, an engaging plot, creative costumes and impeccable editing and construction skills into a far-out daydream about love. Depth defying moods spin hypnotic celestial imagery around a misunderstood space lady whose dream of dancing with a mysterious stranger lands her on the vast shores of the earth looking for a partner. A visually stunning balance of shape and time sets a beautiful backdrop for the dreamy melancholy of the track.

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