WL//WH Video Premiere HALLOWS “Nothing”

WL//WH Premiere  HALLOWS 

Following last year’s debut 5-song EP “Subtle, All That Is True”, Seattle resident, by the way of Minneapolis/St. Paul, dark electronic duo, Hallows, made up of Dom R. (vocals, guitar, synth, drum programming) and Vanee D. (vocals, synth, bass), approach the upcoming release of their debut album “All That Is True”, via German label Cold Transmission Music, with a second atmospheric and immersive preview, “Nothing”, whose DIY video, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

An intriguing song proof of the duo increasingly bold and mature, at the same time deeper and imaginative evolution of their home-crafted darkwave/post-punk sound, peppered by an eclectic array of sonic and artistic contaminations, balanced by the wise advice of Seattle producer Aaron C. Schroeder.

From Vanee D.:

We thought this track fit really well with what happened this past year. The song talks about being forgotten and somehow trying to still be seen but you are still surrounded by void, nothing. It also helped that ‘Nothing’ has been a staple of our live sets for over a year now so we had plenty of footage of it.

The lyrics describe an emotional journey of existing in an unjust world, where an oppressive system’s deception and abandonment lead to angst, rebellion and the drive to march towards a brighter future.

Stripped-down, icy, dismal shiny chords pulse and reiterate obsessively, underpinned by ceaselessly thumping snare beats, intersect back and forth by flickering arpeggiated loops that swirl and fluctuate hypnotically, stabbed by heart-wrenching reverb-infused whining guitar melodies, echoing soul-stirring, intense distressed female vocals, to relentlessly drip breathless anxieties and falling cries of pain into the excruciating cathartic hazy mist of dim hope.

Hallows very own Vanee D. directs, edits, and shoots red and blue light streams over emotional livestream performances, to form intoxicating planes of psychological bliss. Split-screen expansions and strobing overlays warp into blurry auras of heady vibes, melting kaleidoscopic dissections into linear waves of swirling galaxies. Spinning white orbs light dim tunnels of fear casting eerie shadows of doubt amid uncertain strands of double helix mutiny while solar flares burst into an electric haze of mutated heat-seeking imagery reflecting lost fragments and shattered prisms from a celestial Martian sky.

Hallows“All That Is True” album pre-order, on Ltd. Coloured Vinyl 12″/CD and Digital, will start on May 7th via the band’s Bandcamp page, and will include instant downloads of the two tracks “Shallow Waters” and “Nothing.”

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