WL//WH Video Premiere: GUEST DIRECTORS Gain New Insights “From This Distance”


The time is coming for the long-awaited “Interference Patterns” new record by Seattle’s thunderbirds Guest Directors, the striking four-piece Grunge-Gaze act that is ready to take on the world with new episodes from their wired adventures.

The band’s debut album is slated for release this fall and we can hardly wait for it as WL//WH’s crew has always had their eyes on this amazing band. It is their first Long-Play following a string with several EPs since 2017 and it all seems (and sounds) like a clear proof of their intentions; the album is going to “reflect a multitude of emotional and musical pathways” EPK says, and we are extremely happy to Premiere the official visuals of the leading trackFrom This Distance”.

Channeling early 90s noisy fuzzed-out tones, “From the Distance” lets time pass to gain perspective from a relentless building up of churning emotive tension, igniting busy drum beats, lithe warm throbbing bass lines, and a scathing swelling haze of abrasive guitar riffs, laced with a loud emotional outburst of restrained shrilling distortion over powerfully aching heartfelt layered vocals, releasing intense anxiety and pain into rushing cathartic blasts of change.

Noisy Psychedelic visuals blend an array of shapeshifting filters over a lively performance to pulse and sync with the transformative vibes of the soundtrack. Trace overlays blur space and time between cold, crystalline dreams and hazy prismatic reflections to bring forth feelings of clarity and separation from the brooding mind of past interpretation.

Guest Directors debut full-length album will be out on September 22nd as a co-release between Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings and Topsy Records.

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