WL//WH Video Premiere: GROTTO TERRAZZA Invokes an Aural Archetype of the “Der Zaubergeselle / The Magician”


Grotto Terrazza, the art/music/life alter ego of Munich-based eclectic and mercurial artist Thomas Schamann, known for being the drummer of dark post-punkers Bleib Modern, announces the release of his upcoming sophomore full-length album, “Kalte Köstlichkeiten”, through a groovy DIY video for the heady track “Der Zaubergeselle”, part of the new double A-side single “Der Zaubergeselle / Inspector Ginko”, WL//WH is pleased to Premiere.

“12 melting popsicles that furiously jump from dancefloor Post-punk, brazen EBM, Funk sleaze and smoked out Cold-Wave, an ecstatic uptempo, punchy Mitteleuropa celebration of punks in the city”

“Kalte Köstlichkeiten” is slated for release on August 26, 2022, in Vinyl and Digital formats, once again via a DIY label joint-venture between Vienna‘s Cut Surface and London/Bologna‘s Maple Death Records.

An industrialized, funk bass-heavy, mystical disco cut with NDW nuances, “Der Zaubergeselle” weaves twinkling layers of off-kilter frequencies and rambling syncopated rhythms, to ignite droning distortions, xylophonic melodies, bouncy groovy bass lines, clattering, clapping, and pounding drum beats, along with an array of swirling, chiming, and disorienting synth codes, to form a quirky intoxicating 32GB ambiance around a brief, distorted spoken word vocal interlude, channelling the alchemical powers of a secret magician.

Confessional lyrics speak as if from behind the cutout eyes of a hanging wall portrait to project airs of secrecy, wisdom, and predetermined destiny.

Jonas Koerfer performs a hypnotic, funky solo dance rehearsal cast in retro 80s fashion to sync seamlessly with the immersive and vibrant rhythmic elements of the soundtrack. Picture in Picture dissections invoke voyeuristic vibes over a tireless dancing soul, whose clear nostalgic nods cloak the mind’s eye in bright rays of bliss.

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