WL//WH Video Premiere: GREY GOES BLACK “A Glass House”


I’m not sure, although very likely, if the name of the alternative rock trio from New Jersey, Grey Goes Black, formed by the experienced musicians Matt Casoni (vocals, guitar), James Malizia jr. (bass, keyboards) and Steven Moraghan (drums, electronics), was inspired by the 2012 Mark Lanegan‘s song of the same name, certainly the band share with the iconic Ellensburg‘s singer/songwriter the same reflective and intimate poetics, the same disillusionment, torment and melancholy that arise from songs imbued with sadness and existential malaise.

We had already talked, around the July’s days of its release, about the group’s last, third EP “The Slow Death Of Everything”, as their deepest, most introspective, refined and dark work to date, with emphasis on pulsating electronic rhythmic soul on which are grafted painful sparkling guitars chords, bleak frozen synths and evocative vocals to create mesmerizing moody and immersive hazy soundscapes, at the same time intense and emotional, drenched in noir aesthetic.

Grey Goes Black releases the DIY video for the atmospheric and moving “Glass House”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

Soulful smooth broken trap-like rhythms weave with warm bright eternally spacious synth glow, amidst low heart-pounding bass vibrations, as pain-filled, poignant filtered male vocals release emotional comfort through heartfelt lyrics. exposing the dark side of love, wherein lies a person who gives their heart and soul to others and leaves nothing for themselves.

Metaphoric prose builds “A Glass House” marred with the fingerprints of all who have selfishly taken from it and leaves a lone figure holding the stone that will shatter it all in a self-destructive act of justification as, “In this glass house you built your home, In this glass house a crack begins to show.”

The revealing video captures a choreographed group dance interpretation, cast in dramatic black and white photography, time-lapsed emotional tension, and nondescript, colourless costumes harnessed in the sign of the times masks. Icy, vacant stares watch, haunted by the graphic imagery, as warm car headlights illuminate symbolic violence and combative stances to bring forth feelings of alarming aggression and pain pouring from bloodless wounds.

Grey Goes Black‘s third EP “The Slow Death Of Everything” is out now, ltd. CD & Digital, via Brighton, UK‘s independent label Shore Dive Records.

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Written by Catt Gillette and Fabrizio Lusso.