WL//WH Video Premiere: GIOVANNI RAABE Induces a Heady Mesmeric Electronic “Flucht | Escape”

WL//WH Video Premiere Giovanni Raabe

Photo by Julian Gillmann

Munich-based electronic explorer Giovanni Raabe, previously known as Brnjsmin, has dropped today the first single, “Flucht | Escape”, taken from his upcoming EP “Water Tower” through the German independent label/art collective La Double Vie, the second release under his birth name.

Inspired by 2010s synth wave and melancholic post-punk, the young multidisciplinary German artist, using an old laptop and its microphone, as well as simple free music production software, creates a mesmerizing lo-fi soundscape, conceived as a soundtrack for the dark mumblecore homonymous film of his friend Erik Hamann, from which is extrapolated the accompanying psychological video clip, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

Immersive and spacial, “Flucht” triggers sharp crystalline frequencies that pierce silent auras of untapped energy to stir droning, buzzing bass tones and twinkling icy bright synth chimes into unlocked expansions, whilst faint robotic vocoder encryptions embed secret dreams with scattered distortions to transfer awareness into the hypnotic hollow beat’s calm rolling rhythms.

Interpretive video compels subconscious fears and desires to emerge from underneath misty nocturnal textures of uncertain dread. Mystery and danger weave evocative, intimate camera angles with enigmatic shadows of gloomy doubt to decipher a dramatic plotline seeped in secrecy and pain. Tinted light filters split perception between shattered blue frost and burning red passion to transform festering wounds into surreal thought-forms frozen in the timeless tears of translucent cries.

Giovanni Raabe‘s first single, “Flucht | Escape”, from his upcoming EP “Water Tower”, is out from today on Bandcamp and all the major music platforms.

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