WL//WH Video Premiere: Get Intimate with JOGGER “Du & Ich”

WL//WH Premiere JOGGER

Photo by ©Christin Öhler

Florian Nikolai from Berlin is behind Jogger. With Lofi sounds and scratchy guitar riffs, his new solo project is reminiscent of Neue Deutsche Welle, New Wave and Postpunk.

Jogger‘s new single “Du & Ich”, dropped today February 18th, taken from Jagger’s forthcoming bedroom pop style produced debut album, “BRD Noir”, via Vienna-based independent label Cut Surface, is a song about sincere friendship, trust, and comfort in a world where uncertainty and isolation flourish.

Steady urgently pulsing rhythms, interspersed by sparse crispy percussive hits, along with a ceaseless springy and sinuous bassline, are obsessively pierced by guitar strings writhing into sharp, jagged and screeching riffs, wrapped in a meandering electrifying sparkling tension that reverberates around cold, lost, monochromatic vocals, casting out anxiety and dread from the haunted mental wanderings of painful memories and ambivalent dreams.

The accompanying DIY split-screen video, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, casts nervous, disconnected moods over an evocative music performance to elicit feelings of angst and hope. Intimate and awkward camera angles extract subconscious desire and enigmatic fear from ambient imagery to light the mind’s eye of interpretation with insight. Zoom lens artistry captures viscous textures and universal symbols from ordinary still life to form an introspective immersion, whilst dramatic facial expressions and groovy style draw the viewer into the charismatic universe of the Jogger.

Jogger‘s new single is out now on all the best digital platforms, whilst his debut album, “BRD Noir”, is scheduled to be released on May 2022 [ Vinyl 12″ LP + Digital ] via Wien label CUT SURFACE.

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Photo by ©Corinna Sauer