WL//WH Video Premiere: GALÁN / VOGT Transform Pain Into Beauty with “Nacre”

WL//WH Premiere  GALÁN / VOGT

Following the recent release of their acclaimed debut album “The Sweet Wait”, the virtual ambient experimental duo, comprised of Paris-based Australian dream-pop vocalist and musician (one half of Heligoland)Karen Vogt and Málaga born, Spanish composer and multi-instrumentalist Pepo Galán, AKA GALÁN / VOGT, share an immersive video, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, shot on location in Liguria, Italy by back-up vocalist and artist Jolanda Moletta (SHE OWL), for the soul-stirring track, “Nacre”.

The esoteric lyrics unfold in a caring yet emotionally tumultuous timeline where doubt, distrust, and remnants of toxicity lie buried in the scar tissue of rebirth.

Immersive tides of poignant and eerie reverberant guitar strings drive sentient ripples of glistening and sparkling passions around the breathless hopes and quivering desires of heartfelt and evocative female vocals, as light, crushed and airy back-up breathes cradle with warm comfort to break free from nervous tension and past tragedy, whilst floating through layered whispers of hidden pain and earth-shattering memories, to form a cathartic calm for new beginnings.

A rich luscious Italian Mediterranean seashore, framed by zoom lens adoration captures the hypnotic ebb and flow of Mother Nature’s rhythm to fill the subconscious palette with a tranquil harmony. Deep shades of black and white photography extract contrasts and contours from fertile organic textures to form universal symbols of balance, perfection, and completeness. Graceful movements stir simple shapes of seashells into depth-defying metaphors of ancient archetypal powers, while translucent overlays construct kaleidoscopic expansions with brilliant sunrays, cloudy reflections, and life-giving patterns to merge higher consciousness into metaphysical bliss.

GALÁN/VOGT debut full-length LP “The Sweet Wait” is out now, Digital & Vinyl 12″, through the GALÁN / VOGT Bandcamp with an exclusive BC only bonus track, called “Engrama”, that includes samples from James S. Taylor (Swayzak). The Vinyl edition is also available to order now via Norman Records (UK) and Rocksteady Records (AUSTRALIA) with more international vinyl stockists to be announced soon. 

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