WL//WH Video Premiere: FOLK DEVILS “My Slum Soul”

WL//WH Video Premiere Folk Devils

Born out of early ’80s London‘s Notting Hill punk scene with a wicked and electrifying hybrid of punk, blues, rock’n’roll, rockabilly, and post-punk fuelled by adrenaline-charged angst, despite the understated release of a bunch of single/EPs, their only cult debut album “Goodnight irony”, in 1987, via Situation Two label and three Peel Sessions, The Folk Devils, made up of singer, songwriter Ian Lowery (formerly of The Wall and Ski Patrol), Mark Whiteley (Bass), Kris Jozajtis (Guitar) and Alan Cole (Drums), were probably never able to fully capture on record the energy and anger that the band exuded, in those turbulent years of Thatcher’s Britain and consequent miners’ strikes, from their fierce and impassioned live gigs.

Even though the sad departure in July 2001 of the Durham native, founding member Ian Lowery, the band re-formed in 2016 around new singer Dave Hodgson (once of late 70s outfit Parting Shots), Nick Clift (ex-Ski Patrol guitarist), John Hamilton (Drums) and original duo Mark and Kris (Guitar), with an upcoming new 3-track “Forever” EP, first new recordings in 33 years, due out on September 18th, CD/10”/Digital, via Optic Nerve Recordings.

WL//WH is proud to present the video for “My Slum Soul”, the darkest track from their forthcoming “Forever” EP. Conceived and directed by singer Dave Hodgson, the video aims to expound on the song’s lyric about a decline into desperation and bankruptcy, both literal and spiritual, and maybe by association, cast a light on the human scrapheap created by plutocratic rulers and their regard for wealth over health. The tune itself is a departure from the band’s usual tempos and style, you might hear shades of early Magazine, PiL, Gang of Four, Killing Joke and others, all of which reflect the band’s post-punk legacy of the early 80s. 

“My Slum Soul” unleashes jagged, abrasively sharp, reverb-dusted twangy riffs and low rumbling menacing guitar strings that entwine with the lurking bassline’s ominous warbling pulses, fueled by steady punchy drum beats, as emotionally raw male vocals soulfully craft dire destitution with attention-grabbing baritone backups.

Narrative lyrics describe life on the rocks with hopelessness, depression, and self-hatred calling the shots, whilst suicide is but one of many failures running through the endless maze of possible outcomes.

An out-of-control society consumed by greed and status reflects down-and-out self-destruction onto its citizens of Slum Souls, whose only wishes are to feel nothing at all while lyrical overlays cast daunting introspection into the hearts of viewers.  Desperation from unintended misfortune paves the road to rock bottom as the devil may care coping abilities leave bitter regret and unfocused shame on the cascading tears of lost and shattered dreams.

Folk Devils‘ 3-track “Forever” EP is slated for release on September 18th, CD/10”/Digital, via Optic Nerve Recordings.

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