WL//WH Video Premiere: FLU FLU & THE NANCYS DOWNS Melt Down Over “What’s Her Name”


Spanish noise-pop /shoegaze project from Seville, Flu Flu, lead by Swimming Pool singer and guitarist Fran Lora, invited different friends to contribute with vocals and lyrics to his second 7-track EP, “Shinefull”, released last September via Brighton-based independent label Shore Dive Records, while sewing ‘made to measure’ sonic textures according to each artist’s leaning.

The darker, more daring collaboration is with the dangerous allure of Chicago‘s Darkwave-ish Goth-pop artist The Nancy Downs, whose music video for the gripping and danceable “What’s Her Name”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

Ominously rumbling bassline throbs and warped, stabbing sinister organ strains ignite off-kilter, menacing, and spunky vibes propelled by hard-hitting punchy drum beats, stabbed with blaring caustic guitar slivers, to rise and fall in unstable lysergic wavelengths around layered atmospheric vocal personalities of distorted, high-strung cries, fragile whispered angst, and airy detached hums to merge into a droning, breathless expulsion of pain, fury, and accusations at the hands of a dirty, cheating heart.

The surreal, bewitching video unveils the toxic moods lurking beneath the skin of a scorned girl. A colorful array of Pop Culture imagery sets the stage for a bold release of angst and insecurity seen through the glittered eyes of a broken heart. Sassy dance sequences, on-point acting skills, and edgy, brazen wardrobe choices draw the viewer into the wacky and magnetic charm of an overzealous extrovert whilst blurry Psychedelic transition scenes cast in supernatural symbols, tear-stained faces, and contorted asymmetry dive deeper into the psychological nuances lying beneath the delicate surface of fear.

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