WL//WH Video Premiere: FALLE “Night (mitra mitra Remix)” [Schalko]

WL//WH Video Premiere    Mitra Mitra

One of the most distinctive and respected European underground synth wave acts, Vienna‘s duo mitra mitra, comprised of Mahk Rumbae (Codex Empire, antechamber, Konstruktivists) and Violet Candide (Peppy Pep Pepper, Violetiger), are the protagonists of a retrospective collection of the band’s remixes and cover versions, all tracks available on vinyl for the first time, exclusively through Schalko, a new Vienna based DIY label, operated by Mahk Rumbae himself, on limited edition 12″ vinyl housed in a hand-printed lino-cut sleeve, sealed with ribbon and wax, with a download code included.

For this release, mitra mitra collaborated with Death by Delirium, Falle, Gran (Austria), Iv/An (Croatia), Noi Kabat (UK/AT), Oppenheimer MkII (UK/AT), Image of Life (USA), Low Sea (IE). 

And it is precisely the mitra mitra remix of “Night”, from fellow Vienna/Graz trio FALLE, comprised by Tina Bauer (aka Terz Nervosa), Markus Gönitzer and Peter Lazarus, originally taken from the LP “Expectations”, released in December 2019 on independent label Cut Surface, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

The duo cloaks the ominous and murky post-punk vibes of the original in cold synthetic angsty washes, driven by droning, bouncing rhythms, laced with ambiguity and anxiety.

Swirling dual male-female chants intoxicate from the inception igniting throbbing bass tones to pulse dangerous moods, through brisk off-tempo beats, urgent synth melodies, and icy blinking strains of neurotic tendencies, while an unsettling high/low atmospheric vocal dance ebbs and flows in detached frequencies, falling dreadfully into a nocturnal tide of despair.

Lyrics ruminate on the heady isolation and irrational fear one experiences, staring hopelessly into the cold starless night.

Black and white auras layer a tedious digital clock motion over somber facial expressions and cloudy skies, to merge man and machine into the stark and alienating space-shift of modern dystopic times. Time-lapse seconds tick slowly away into surreal dimensions of strobe light metamorphosis, illuminating unseeing eyes, as they bleed shadows from the spinning sockets of a desolated gaze, while inverse colour schemes blind with negative tints to inject paranoid dreams into a sterile, sleepless plight.

Various Artists“mitra mitra; Reconstruction Works” album, is available, on limited edition 12″ vinyl housed in a hand-printed lino-cut sleeve, sealed with ribbon and wax, with a download code included, from the Schalko BigCartel page for 25 euros including shipping (Europe), 28 euros (worldwide), and on Digital format via Schalko Bandcamp.

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Written by Catt Gillette & Fabrizio Lusso