WL//WH Video Premiere: EX-HYENA Illuminates the Darkness with “Sight Unseen”


Boston, Massachusetts-based dystopian electronic dance magicians Reuben Bettsak, and Bo Barringer, AKA Ex-Hyena, follow up the band’s recently released sophomore album, “Moon Reflections“, in collaboration with independent labels Hush Club Ltd. (Digital) and Brutal Resonance Records (Tape), with a stirring video premiere, directed by Reuben Bettsak & Alfonso Esquivel, featuring the bewitching Kaarin Zoe Lee, for the trippy psychological track “Sight Unseen“.

“Sight Unseen” is a strange dream that was accompanied by a broken wish, everything that turned out to be impossible, a strong feeling of everything that you feel intensely but that never happens, I always wonder where all that you dream come to nothing? In some way that ends up chasing you, tormenting you or apparently transforming into something else, I tried to draw all this from my own vulnerability and I wanted to give a more meaning to old experiences, the appearance of Kaarin Zoe Lee was like an eyeliner in this uncertainty, in that hostile world, she is the light in the shadow or it is like finding a face in the abyss, one was no longer alone in the nightmare, her intervention was amazing and although the conflict radiates precisely in her role, her presence has refreshed everything, the chaos can look into our eyes and seduce us now.<span class="su-quote-cite"><strong>Alfonso Esquivel</strong></span>

Twinkling arpeggiated electronic spirals swirl and compute into bewitching sprawling forms over sentient sizzling sensations, sluggish buzzing bass smudges and sinuous warm vibrations, along with soft staggering beats, coalescing in a heady, disassociative ambiance around evocative vocal layerings, casting depth-defying shivers, ghostly distortions, and harsh shaming whispers into intoxicating sheets of pinpoint chimes and sinister prowling melodies, to manifest the alternate lyrical dimension of translucent emotion, energy, and insight from a sleepless night of surreal visions.

It is a dreamlike journey full of terror, yearning, fear, and hope. The protagonist is yearning for someone who is maybe not there anymore. Even though Alfonso’s character is the one who seems to be dreaming, I edited his footage to look distorted, while the dream footage is clearer…For the sunglasses footage, I just thought the footage in our shades would be fun.<span class="su-quote-cite"><strong>Reuben</strong> (Ex-Hyena)</span>

The accompanying video, directed by Reuben Bettsak & Alfonso Esquivel, transports the viewer into the disorienting mental state of the lyrical spell using alternating red and blue perceptions of the hypnotic eye streams to stir the subconscious spirits of fear and desire. Insomniatic brain waves transform a lonely bedroom scene into a cybernetic maze of distorted electromagnetic frequencies to open forbidden doorways into a parallel realm of hidden memories.

Ex-Hyena‘s sophomore album, Moon Reflections, is out now via Hush Club Ltd. (Digital) and Brutal Resonance Records (Cassette).

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