WL//WH Video Premiere: EX-HYENA drop a toxic dose of “Nightmare Pills”

WL//WH Video Premiere Ex-Hyena 

Boston, Massachusetts based dystopian electronic dance music instigators (former Future Carnivores, Emerald Comets, Guillermo Sexo), Reuben Bettsak, and Bo Barringer, known as Ex-Hyena, follow this weekend’s Hush Club Ltd. debut with the intoxicating psych dance song “Nightmare Pills”, by dropping a related surreal and cinematic DIY music video, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere. 

The single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, “Moon Reflections”, due out in 2022, is joined with a Remix by Indianapolis artist-musician Jackson VanHorn, who severs the warm and woozy intimacy of the original track into cold, stark, and isolated fragments of eerie despair.

The song has a sinister, yet fun, dancey vibe, and I think the lyrics reflect those moods…There is seduction and deception going on for the purpose of some crazy mind-control experiment. It delves a bit into the idea of futuristic mind control drugs that give the user nightmarish, psychedelic visions. We’ve developed a bit of an Ex-Hyena universe, via our sound, and lyrics. In my head I see noir, and futuristic city elements wrapped together. High class meets seedy underworld in this song. Is it a date gone wrong? Government spies using mind-control drugs to get what they want? A psychedelic nightmare trip? You decide.says Bettsak

A drowsy awareness observes an intimate encounter with confusion, excitement, and adrenaline-fueled fear to incite sinister wobbly synth stabs, sneakily daring bouncing, syncopated bass pulses, and steady dry beats into a slow droning swarm of hypnotic frequencies circled by translucent icy-bright glittering and glowing chords, whilst haunted, haloed male vocals shutter mesmeric whispers, shallow quivers, and anxious breaths into a swirling, humming vertigo of neon-lit dancefloor dystopia.

Red and blue dimensions, starring Irina, Cyan, and Bo, draw retro-futuristic auras over a modern lounge encounter cast in danger and mystery. Evocative 60s attire reflects melting psychedelic swirls, distorting depth-defying shadows over a lysergic band performance sparking Lynchian vibes. Groovy slow-motion dance sequences, a sexy mad scientist plot, and a shape-shifting backdrop magnify mind control suggestions under a warped narcotic lens to drive the mind’s eye of conspiracy theory and secret government psyops into warp speed.

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