WL//WH Video Premiere: ELKKS “See You In A Minute”

WL//WH Premiere  ELKKS 

ELKKS is the musical alter ego of Hamburg-based artist Erik Hamann, with roots within the local hardcore and punk scene, who, from the solitude of his bedroom, started to delve into a vast variety of genres and influences.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the music video by gloryrabbit1996, for “See You In A Minute”, the first single off the upcoming EP, “It’s A Conspiracy” due out in June 2021, via La Double Vie

While lyric-wise the new EP deals with death, family, and childhood, this time ELKKS experiments with his voice in connection with slow and steady beats, and dreamy guitars peppered with trance elements.

“The song deals with the deaths of several family members and the numbing pain that lies in the realization that some faces will never be seen again. ELKKS recorded it by himself at home, the bedroom production reflecting the intimate subject matter.”

Dreamy, abrasive guitar strings linger hypnotically around numb, specter-esque male vocals releasing a whirlwind of fearful emotions through esoteric lyrics, It’s the most basic truth, What you love you will lose to build an alternate dimension swept in soft thumping beats, ominous bass pulses, and eerie experimental child-like vocalizations swirling amid diminishing, lead distortion’s haunting stream of consciousness.

Lynchian vibes sew pain, fear, and uncertainty into a surreal black and white video, directed, edited, and produced by the young Hamburg-based multimedia artist gloryrabbit1996. Over-exposed light disintegrates the fine-tuned details of images to extract subconscious thought from a lonely country road at night, a dimly lit house, and a convergence of energies in a dark supernatural forest. Frozen faces stand motionless below the 180 degrees spin of nocturnal camera angles, suspending time and disorientation with a congested flow of motion, while transition scenes capture murky pink cloud formations and extinguished flames of hope to reveal an uncertain eternity of dread.

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