WL//WH Video Premiere: EARTH SPACE OBJECT (E.S.O.) “Red Curtain”

WL//WH Video Premiere   EARTH SPACE OBJECT (E.S.O.)   

Launching on 30th April 2021 with the single “Red Curtain”, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, Public Relations is the new label from Berlin artist Earth Space Object (E.S.O).

Broadly inspired by post-punk, new wave, and synth-pop, the label is

encouraged and united by anyone who uses synthesizers, harmonies, and arpeggiated bass lines to ride the oozing passage of time
– E.S.O.

Having decided to start the label after waking up from a hazy first lockdown with a reinforced unwillingness to wait, E.S.O commences the Public Relations saga with percussive post-punk offshoot, “Red Curtain”, setting the mood for an upcoming EP in July that channels the vibe of Front 242’s “Controversy Between” and the ghost of an 80s New Order.

The introspective lyrics reflect on “The Give and Take” energy exchanged in a relationship and the excruciating pain that occurs when one side must let go.

Turbulent skipping and thumping percussive patterns propel hypnotic heart-skipping melodies through driving New Order-like brooding and throbbing bassline, icy-bright broken synth strains, and sparse tinkling piling keys, to sway melancholic adrenaline around dreamy, haunted male vocal’s lingering nostalgic ache, amid secret whispers and low distorted mumblings, to rise and fall in the dark mechanical dance rhythms of gloomy despair.

French videographer Xavier Soquet uses 3D line graphs to rotate dizzying planes of depth defying gravity over blurred black and white photography’s dim, glowing apprehension. Split-screen dynamics dissect kaleidoscopic fragments smeared in heat-seeking auras to flow hypnotically through a space tunnel continuum, opening mind-expanding doorways of backward thought. Groovy shadow dancing blurs identity through a warped bubble lens, flashing negative light restrictions over vintage club clips.  Intergalactic travel weaves red and blue rays of vision with neon purple wavelengths, while strobing lights glitch time with unfocused eye glitter, merging man and machine into a twirling universe with blinding frequencies.

A third installment to the EP in August will be a remix release featuring Amarcord (MeMeMe, Correspondent, Ombra International, ROAM, and Aeon) and Ian Blevins (Future Boogie, Not An Animal, MeMeMe, and E.S.P Institute) re-works ranging from Ambient to New Wave, Disco and Krautrock.

Earth Space Object (E.S.O) new single “Red Curtain” is due to be released tomorrow, April 30, 2021, via his own label Public Relations.

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Photo by @stephanieelizabeththird