WL//WH Video Premiere: DEUS FAUST “It Goes Away”

WL//WH Premiere  Deus Faust  

The trans-Atlantic Dark Wave project of André Savetier (KošiceSlovakia) and Raymond Nelson (LewistonMaine), AKA Deus Faust releases a destination video filmed in Bologna, Italy during a visit with fellow musicians Dade City Days, Caron Dimonio, Two Moons and European Ghost.

“It Goes Away” is the very first Deus Faust track ever written and, after years of being reworked, has finally achieved the sound quality intended by Savetier with a harmonious blend of “good old synthwave style” and “onetime only” strenuous, guttural vocal delivery.

Ominous bass tones oscillate with morbid curiosity under slow skipping beats, dragging like unbound shackles through cold clanking dimensions of untimely sorrow, while zippy synth strains swirl into whizzing spirals of spite around numb, resonant male vocals, intense and fragile atmosphere of stone-cold pain and unrelenting anguish.

Superb Gothic lyrics construct a standalone poem using conventional literary devices to draw a sentient picture of a chilling confession. A spiral of time builds resentment and spite regarding the glaring signs of disenchantment once overlooked in the throes of infatuation, giving insight into the merciless beast “of a past we never had / of a future that never stood still.”

Raymond Nelson

A Black-clad, rather daunting, André Savetier hosts a dark and poetic nocturnal drive, along with shapeshifting bandmate Raymond Nelson, through the modern streets of Bologna, Italy, channelling an Angel of Death for a dramatic interpretation of “It Goes Away.”

A subconscious history of lies and denial propels a haunting visual narrative through an endless loop of motion, shifting the direction, but not the destination of a disastrous affair in harrowing sync with the fatalist lyrics suspended allure. Hypnotic streetlights dance at busy traffic intersections, illuminating dim-lit apartment buildings with red and green auras of sight, travelling down the hallowed halls of a doomed relationship, to capture the moment in time where the future ceases to exist.

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André Savetier