WL//WH Video Premiere: Kill the DEAD LIGHTS and “Format the World”

WL//WH Video Premiere DEAD LIGHTS

Androgynous and brazen gender/genre disrupting London-based dark electronic duo, Dead Lights, mix bass-heavy Underworld-ish buzzing magnetism, pummeling mechanical rhythms, and ’80s UK synth-pop sexy glamorous flair, providing a visceral rush of sensual intrigue and dangerous excitement, that propel you straight to a dark, tranced-out dance floor dystopia, in the new track, “Format the World”, taken from the brand new sophomore 3-track EP “Hex” via Cold Transmission Music, accompanied by an edgy cyberpunk DIY video, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

Energetic, flashing, bouncy bassline blends with hard pounding and lashing beats to alert droning fear from the erratic zippy synth bursts’ anxious flee below the airless powerful and excited lead vocals monochromatic release of alluring danger into a layered interlude of atmospheric whispers and echoes, falling and floating around a terrified human surrender, to arousing a spinning force of transformative paranoid commands to “Format the World!”

Dead Lights “Hex” EP cover

Modern dystopian apocalypse, set to a sci-fi fantasy thriller, involving an alternate dimension made only of numbers and cybernetics, where the “one true prophecy” succeeds by transcending the flesh to leave your biological identity behind.

Red tainted strobe effects speed up time, rolling unnatural, jittery movements over blurry pupil-less eyes to form a mutable gothic androgyne adorned in a downcast glare, dark eye makeup, and pointed fangs flipping an enigmatic switch between anger and violence. Green binary digits pull hypnotically from the shadows, spawning cybernetic tentacles around brain stem function, to elicit fear and dread from the laser eye streams intergalactic convergence of collective consciousness.

Dead Lights‘ second 3-track EP “Hex” is out now on Cold Transmission Music Bandcamp.

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Written by Catt Gillette & Fabrizio Lusso