WL//WH Video Premiere: DEAD ASTRONAUTS Return from the Land of the “Missing Person”


Seattle-based Dead Astronauts, one of the leading acts in the current Synthwave and Synthpop scene, made up of founder, vocalist, musician and designer Jared Kyle along with L.A.-based synth artist and vocalist Florence Bullock, a.k.a. Glitbiter, and Switzerland-based ‘ghost member’ Slade Templeton (of Crying Vessel, Influx Studios) at the production helm, is approaching the release of the band’s upcoming sophomore album, “Silhouettes”, due in 2021 via Cold Transmission Music, with the visuals for the second single “Missing Person”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

Rocky off-tempo rhythms sway relentlessly through Numanesque, glowing loose-limbed synth swathes’ dramatic anticipation, laced with woeful bleeding guitar melodies and lingering distorted echoes, while dual vocals capture seductive masculine charm, amid airy celestial hums, building a sultry and haunting diorama of feverish harmony.

Lyrics reenact an intense argument filled with fury, passion, and love, using a metaphor for a “Missing Person” to emote feelings of powerlessness, separation, and ultimately letting go of all the things that trigger painful truths and memories.

Life on the edge of a modern dystopian society projects isolation and malaise around two pensive women immersed in a hazy beach, setting to elicit an abstract interpretation based on mysterious allure.

Yaroslav Shuraev and Anastasia Shuraeva direct models striking iconic poses in classic one-piece swimsuits and black and white menswear, along the misty seashore cutting reflections and attitudes, amid hypnotic smoke signals, steamy hot tub sessions, and chilling stares, drawing intention and emotion from the vehement lyrical section, while generating a romantic sentiment with the sensual male croons.

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image by the artist Ju5stin