WL//WH Video Premiere: DAYFLOWER “Alive”

Video Premiere Dayflower

‘Dragon Slayer’ painting by @rowan_gatherer

Fresh from the release of their brilliant 5-track EP “Popping Candy” , English indie dream-pop foursome Dayflower share the Official Video for their hypnagogic ballad “Alive”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, a tripped-out visual tale of a warring wizard, a young painter Boi, an evil worlock and an avian troubadour, all played by Rowan Gatherer (aka Soft Boi), described as “A Tragicomedic Dream in Four Minutes.”

Channelling Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips lysergic inflexions, “Alive” unfurls soft acoustic guitar chords that sting abrasively, while horn sounds bloom softly in the wind, soaring into an intense layer of strings around a muffled pulse of menacing distortion, as angsty, disquieted vocals fragilely croon, amid a bombastic percussive section bursting heavy drum and bass reverb atop the elated symphony’s melodic expansion, while multidimensional voice echoes are left wandering in the past.

Arrogant, brazen lyrics behold the secret art of shameless heartbreaking, as smoke, mirrors, and misdirection lead to a reverse psychological setup of epic proportions: “But now, for you, I’m old and out of tune and worse, for me, I’ve never felt so alive…”.

The chillingly beautiful score comes alive in a surreal video, filmed by David Dhonau, Tara Gatherer & Rowan Gatherer, depicting four characters engaged in an epic battle set against the Dali-esque backdrop of an “Alive” abstract painting reflecting grass flowing like water ripples under a breathing lysergic sky. High accumulations of color and contrast form uncanny figments of the imagination, to transform motion using concepts of reflection, high black resolution, and time-lapse photography while overlay transits between locations in sync with the stunning soundtrack.

Dayflower‘s new 5-track EP “Popping Candy” is out now on Bandcamp.

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