WL//WH Video Premiere: CIERŃ “The Box” (Official Music Video)

WL//WH Video Premiere  CIERŃ

International DIY peace-post-punk collective CIERŃ, based in the heart of Berlin, combines 80s anarcho-punk ethics with early post-punk and deathrock, goth-tinged dark, mysticism, through sharp and emotional guitar chords, bleak vibrant basslines, hard-hitting drums and visceral, powerful witchy vocalizations.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the Official Music Video for “The Box” taken from last February’s debut 4-track EP “The Box”, a statement song composing vigorous and forceful angsty moods with commanding female leads.

This song is a comment on how we as humans are held individually and collectively responsible for what happens in the world.

Loud pounding, tribal drums thunder with repetitive force, pushing the powerful female vocals, rife with tension and fear, shifting to a mock banshee call of warning, into the relentless tide of heavy abrasive guitar riffs and deep throbbing bass line’s treacherous pulse.

Confessional lyrics reveal the hypnotic curiosity brought forth by a seduction, that leads to the opening of Pandora’s Box and the cursed Fate of the world that will soon follow.

Vintage dividers with tongue-in-cheek commentary regarding ancient misogynistic views transition Acts along grainy overlays cast in shadows of doubt wherein lies the fabled box of Pandora. Stop animation choreography moves a candlelit alter covered with bones and dry flowers in a hypnotic dance of protection around an archaic metal chest holding an animal skull, as messages such as “Pandora it’s a trick!” set forth the unseen theme regarding the misrepresentation of women throughout history.

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