WL//WH Video Premiere: Chigago’s BELLHEAD slay Bauhaus’ “Sanity Assassin” with Two Basses and a Drum Machine. No BS!

WL//WH Video Premiere BELLHEAD

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the Music Video, directed by Scott Fedor, for the fan-selected cover of UK pioneer Goth rockers Bauhaus“Sanity Assassin” from Chicago-based Post-Punk Male-female duo Bellhead, originally a non-album track released on a 300-copy only Fan Club 7″ in 1983, considered the most heavily “bootlegged” song in the band’s discography.

In lieu of an electric guitar, Bellhead employ the use of two basses on their version of “Sanity Assassin” creating a hypnotic and menacing monolithically throbbing bassline fuzz, in contrast with the metallic sting of the original Bauhaus track, bolstered by flurrying icy warp keyboard beams and harsh boisterous male vocals in a memorable emotional tirade of paranoid fear.

Despite the early 80s creation, the “Sanity Assassin” lyrics are still quite relevant today, as a reference to the neurotic fears inside a person’s head that perpetuate and exaggerate the Machine’s mass media to exploit and suppress opposition to the power.

The dizzying video contains a nightmarish stream of consciousness warping time and dimension into a bizarre series of interconnected images distorted by flickering lights and shadows. Spinning moods lag and accelerate space across insane human outbursts and maniacal expressions, while slow mesmerizing distractions form an outlandish mind sequence, bathed in patriotic symbolism and indoctrinated themes.

Bellhead‘s Sanity Assassin (Bauhaus cover) b/w Knife (Beware the Light)single is out now, as Pay-what-you-want Download or Stream for Free, exclusively on Bandcamp.

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