WL//WH Video Premiere: CHEMICAL WAVES “Hymn (feat. L’AVENIR)”

WL//WH Premiere   Chemical Waves

‘Even When We Fall Apart’ is the title of the new album by the Italian Darkwave outfit Chemical Waves, slated for release February 29 via Unknown Pleasures Records. It is a masterful 10-track album of immersive Darkwave music that is all knitted with the Coldwave thread, the Italian school of dark alternative music. Here, Marco Cattani (also a member of HALO EFFECT, and THE MARK) presents a record so deep and intense and with help from a few other significant musicians like L’Avenir, Closed Mouth, Bedless Bones, HIV+, Virgin Tears, Antiflvx, Egoprisme, and Veronica Jay Clay, who are all featured as guests in one song separately, the whole music score appears and sounds like a compilation of Darkwave “circumstances” and “events” so dark and elusively transparent. All songs written, arranged and produced by CHEMICAL WAVES.

Following ‘The Sphinx feat. HIV+’ official video, which came out a few days ago, both the label and the artist unveil the visuals for ‘Hymn feat. L’Avenir’, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

Here the music stands as the solid underlayer for the voice and the lyrics of synthwave maestro L’Avenir, or is it vice versa?! A slowcore Darkwave song lamenting for the loss of a dearly beloved person. Was it death? Was it evanescence? Or, the fatal perdition of high emotions that were betrayed…? The song is a masterpiece in all with lyrics that could easily come from the gothic romantic poetry of the late 1700s and the 1800s. L’Avenir‘s quill wrote a piece that took me directly to Vernon Leigh’s and Byron’s “romanticide” period. And Marco Cattani composed a song to support it equally…and deadly! So, for once again I dare you to fill up your glasses with absinthe and lay back, listen close to this wonderful musical achievement!

And here is also ‘Even When We Fall’LP, due out, CD and Digital, on February 29, 2020 through Unknown Pleasures Records


Written by Loud Cities Mike