WL//WH Video Premiere: CARLOS COMPSON Takes a Heady “Desvío / Detour”

Video Premiere  Carlos Compson 

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the return of Lima, Peru’s dramatic Gothic Rock Musician and Producer Carlos Compson in a metaphysical sci-fi video, directed by David Macedo, for the soul-searching song “Desvío” taken from Carlo Compson’s latest evocative 10-track album “El Intermediario.”

Modern post-apocalyptic poetry of fear and longing injects low throbbing bass lines, angsty jagged guitar riffs, slow dragging drum beats, and twirling mesmeric synth strains, laced with a surreal, enigmatic melancholy around powerful baritone broods switching to distressed emotional cries, desperately tumbling through relentless hypnotic icy bright frequencies, to open unseen portals where emerging slivers of hope bloom free.

The video clip depicts two worlds, parallel lives, inverted dimensional planes, death, deserts, abandoned highways, and more. The main character is a victim of exile and finds himself at an infinite point in time, where intrigue, terror and desolation take over his mind.

The heady video by David Macedo concocts a dark and daunting fantasy of dueling timelines to invoke the real world feeling of interconnectedness through conflict and resolution. An impassioned, supernatural performance in the shadowy mists of a disenchanted forest alternates with a vast over-exposed desert domain, where a lost soul struggles to survive against the natural elements and temptations of the mind before a ritual cleanse brings salvation to both realms.

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