WL//WH Video Premiere: BROTHERHOOD’s Ode To “Valentine”

WL//WH Premiere Brotherhood

Artwork by artist and painter Sackarias Luhanko

Eskilstuna, Sweden based veteran Gothic Rock band BROTHERHOOD, in the wake of their critically acclaimed 2019 second album ”In The Violet Hour”, soon followed by the single ”More”,  was booked to perform as a support slot throughout THE MISSION‘s Swedish live tour, but suddenly things didn’t turn out quite the way they were planned.

During the last two years under the pandemic, the founding members of BROTHERHOODStefan Eriksson and Micke Lönngren – have been busy recording, remixing, and producing other artists and focusing on their solo projects SISTER ELECTRA and LØNNKROG.

Finally, in the Autumn of 2021, the pair met up again for inspirational composing and recording studio sessions, which led to the upcoming release of the first single, the double A-side “VALENTINE / BREAKDOWN”, available on all the streaming platforms from February 14th.

Musically BROTHERHOOD brings the roots of Goth from the mid-80s back to life with a modern sound that deals, as always, with the fascination of love, hate, life and death.

“Valentine” bleeds raw, pain-filled auras to sew wistful sparkling wandering guitar melodies of urgent restless hope, low pulsing bass lines, and punchy drumbeats into a haunting, burning swell of simmering tragedy to carry heartfelt vocals through eternal longing, obsession, and fear into shifting moods of nocturnal sadness and inflamed despair.

Poetic lyrics paint a mystical landscape of yearning and devotion, where a dark and dreamy Valentine’s ceremony invokes the powers of the moon to heal the aching anxieties of a fractured heart.

Tenebrous visions, filmed by Engin Akyurt (Pixabay), fuse universal symbols of love and death into a beautiful and evocative Gothic Romance. Smouldering rose petals ignite flames of passion around the wind-blown memories of a fading bond whilst turbulent crashing waves and dim disconnected frequencies consume deceptive shadows of doubt with a transformative flow of nostalgic emotion. Hypnotic smoke screens shape-shift shameful lusts into explosive feelings of betrayal to smother lovelorn fantasy beneath heavy choking airs of red-tinged dread.

Brotherhood‘s double A-side single, “VALENTINE / BREAKDOWN”, is due to be released, through all the streaming platforms, on February 14th.

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