WL//WH Video Premiere: BEDLESS BONES Takes a Pause to “Realign and Reign” Her Inner Goddess


Tallinn, Estonia‘s alternative electronic music artist, photographer, and videographer Kadri Sammel AKA Bedless Bones drops an evocative music video, created by Mikk Metsniit (camera and lighting) & Kadri Sammel (editing), for the immersive new single, “Realign and Reign”, the second preview from her new full-length album,Bending the Iron Bough“, scheduled to be released on November 25, 2021, via Cold Transmission Records.

Bedless Bones‘ gripping dark sound is empowered by a bold and refined experimental attitude always able to interpret, with sublime mystery and allure, diverse shades of black, spanning between brooding darkwave, murky EBM, pounding techno, subtle clanging industrial leanings and abstract otherworldly ambience.

‘Realign and Reign’ is a hymn to art, creation & self-expression. I wrote it while researching the themes and topics conveyed by female artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, but most of all it’s a memo to myself to carry on a path that feels truest to me, even though it might be going against the current.

“Realign and Reign” deals with poetic lyrics that affirm positive insight from the wise shadows of time to “Realign and Rein” feminine powers into a life driving force of strength.

Flashing relentless mesmeric driving basslines awaken sleeping senses into dim icy bright synth swirls, glittering flurries, hypnotic dancing beats and pounding thunders to carry breathless, ethereal layers of soft and magical female vocalizations into intoxicating aural expansions of cool celestial skies.

Cold, stark, and barren panoramic views merge with hot steamy emotions to melt a winter wasteland into fantastic thoughts of supernatural dreams. Shades of grey fade and bleed through a disjointed flow of time-lapsed motion to thaw the mind’s eye of imagination from a hibernating state. Blurry windswept interludes of snow-dusted overlays illuminate alternate dimensions of red fiery passion with icy white ghostly magic to extract long lost desires and ancient wisdom from distant horizons of hidden fear.

Bedless Bones‘ upcoming new album, “Bending The Iron Bough”, is due out on November 25th 2021, on ltd. Vinyl/CD/Digital formats, via Cold Transmission Music. Pre-orders from October 1st.

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