WL//WH Video Premiere: “AMNESIACS” by NΔEON TEΔRDROPS is already one #futurepop legend



I like stories, I like the intrigue behind them, I like the myth around them and I also like that fight for victory not through the deceitful way but I agree with some cunning plans, and I enjoy it when they come from a brilliant rookie name in the pitch; hint, some rookies can be of some age. Tricky, right? We received the press kit for the debut single ‘AMNESIACS/BROTHERHOOD’ by NΔΕΟΝ ΤΕΔRDROPS a few days ago from Love OD Communications, Norway, and believe us, if it is as it says then we have a megaton bomb. If not then the effort counts, and yes, it is good to dress a creature in a wonderful cloak because it will be better noticed by those who just give it a little time after the first impression. Please read carefully what we read too…

“N∆EON TE∆RDROPS’ lead singer ∆EON was last seen boarding a train in Copenhagen back in 1987. In his green canvas military surplus bag, he had a handful of tapes recorded on his 4 track Tascam Portastudio (look it up), and in his mind, he carried high hopes for an unknown future he was more than ready to explore…Aged 21 at the time, he knew very well that the number 7+7+7 might bring both exciting and unpleasant surprises but little did he know that he would spend the next three decades in an alternative timeline to the world he knew. A world he had slowly grown accustomed to, though not always supportive. The choices he made on the train platform that day changed everything, even if he himself couldn’t know for sure, other than from a nagging feeling that something wasn’t one hundred percent “right” anymore. Not even fifty…Luckily for us, due to developments over the last few years with thinning the veil between the parallel universes closest to our own, we have been able to not only make contact but also actually retrieved the tapes lost when crossing through the portal 30 years ago…We’re proud to present, for the first time in this universal timeline, the debut single of N∆EON TE∆RDROPS “AMNESIACS” b/w “BROTHERHOOD”.

Is this is a striking impressive true story or a striking impressive true myth I’d say, but anyway, the truth is “AMNESIACS” is all a brilliant and an epic #futurepop anthem which indeed hides inside the core DNA of the genre as it was presented in that monumental decade of the ‘EBMism’ in all electronic music all over the constellations. All you and we adore in the early VNV Nation, the later Covenant, APB too, with all that venomous and sweet melancholy is here, with one and only problem for me; it sounds so damn true and original that I keep going back to the press kit to read it again and between the lines….the song is a glorious throwback to some of my most beloved records ever. And damn me again, I found no traces of plunder and nothing to impeach. The song is a must-listen, and yeah now, also a must-watch; Directed by Carl Critical, with costume design by Amber Maya, and shot on VHS in a “parallel dimension”!!!

I must mention that the songs were released on a 7” vinyl single in a limited edition of 250 copies on Discon Records – a special sub-label set up by Love OD Communications for this sole purpose. Also available on digital format, and the title track had a remix treatment from label boss MENTAL OVERDRIVE for some faster nu-Italo dancefloor action. The single was released on September 8th with the remixes following on September 22nd.

Follow the story of N∆EON TE∆RDROPS’ own ∆EON and the other characters in PYRAMIDS ON THE MOON – a multidimensional autobiography at www.pyramidsonthemoon.com

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike