WL//WH Video Premiere: AILSA AND THE SEAHORSES “That Old Moon”

Video Premiere AILSA and the SEAHORSES

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the soul-stirring new video for the Ethereal Indie track “That Old Moon” by Berlin-based, Scottish singer-songwriter, Ailsa McEwan AKA  Ailsa and the Seahorses.

A song about perseverance, the changing of the seasons and the search to find happiness again through the darkness.

Nostalgic, angsty moods, tinged in smooth soulful undertones, weave robust, poignant strummed acoustic guitar strings, sparsely pierced by melancholic gleaming trills, into relaxed bass line throbs and light skipping beats, to create uplifting energy around the fearless, heartfelt female vocals airy release of tension and fear into the heady lyrics introspective catharsis over matters of the heart.

Beautiful Fall colours set the dramatic, ever-changing backdrop against the serene intensity of Ailsa’s vibrant smile. Warm, inviting experiences spent with friends or alone by a lake playing the guitar, travel from the calm stunning countryside, through the hustle and bustle of an urban skyline, alternating bare feet and skipping rocks with the blurry lights of a sunset train ride, to ignite the whimsical theme of time’s healing properties into a visually vibrant yet comforting and relatable journey of change.

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