WL//WH Video Of The Day: ŻYWICA “Aether”

Video Of The Day  Żywica 

Misty Synth project from PolandŻywica has released an intimate DIY video for the evocative and nostalgic new single “Aether”, laced with shameful electronic angst.

Aether” joins disruptive frequencies with warm, sad, and soothing synth melodies to drive hypnotic undulating bassline drone through untuned screeching waves and dirty buzzing overlays, whilst disjointed skipping metallic beats flicker and flash into disharmonious rhythms atop warped and glowing expansions and swathes blowing nostalgically through the bittersweet sands of broken time.

Eerie Blair Witchy up-close and jittery camera work constructs a nocturnal stream of consciousness drenched in obsessive clan tendencies. Filtered lights and shadows derange the mind’s eye of perception with haunted, flickering timelines of midnight basement dwellings to riddle secret desires and simmering passions with heady compulsions, groovy dance moves, and glowing dog eyed reflections. Ghostly visions collapse orientation with time-lapse editing while universal symbols of pride, anger, and dominance simmer primordially beneath distorted translucent layers to transfer subconscious energy into dark collective bliss.

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  1. Żywica 26th November 2021
    • Fabrizio Lusso 26th November 2021