WL//WH Video Of The Day: ZENXITH “The New Zenxith Single”

Video Of The Day   ZENXITH

Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, Zenxith is the independent D.I.Y. Home-Recording, Lo-Fi, Indie Pop solo project of the prolific young musician and composer Daniel McGee, imbued with the typically British jangling sound aesthetics closely related to the naive and nostalgic melodic charm of Creation Records, Sarah Records, The Pastels, Swell Maps, Subway Organization, C86, Whaam! Records/Television Personalities, as the last LP title suggests, and so on, at times vaguely psychedelic and with darkly post-punk shades.

The 21-year-old son of former singer and guitarist of the ’77 Punk band Barse, despite his age, has already dropped an impressive series of eleven full-length albums, the latest, “I Was Named After Daniel Treacy”, from which the video/song, “The New Zenxith Single” springs forth.

Stirred by a tambourine shakes-charged hypnotic marching drum machine and humming bass lines, the song lazily sways with tinny guitar strums laced with obsessively wandering spindly and tinkling wistful melodies, to uplift hazy emotional vocals, into a vibrant, mysterious love song aptly titled “The New Zenxith Single.”

Original and clever, the self-released visuals craft hand-drawn and cut-out illustrations into a mobile style hanging and spinning imagery atop a computer-enhanced storybook of surreal and symbolic images amid attention-grabbing letters reminding the viewer to check out The Zenxith Single.”

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