Video Of The Day  Zack Zack Zack  

Vienna based experimental duo of Turkish origin, Zack Zack Zack, combine oriental acoustic instruments with vintage electronic machines, Middle Eastern folk elements, and modern synthwave in a refreshing and compelling way.

The pair have just released an Avant-garde music video, directed by Yigit Bakkalbasi, for the retro-futuristic new single “BÜTÜN”, off the band’s upcoming 5-track debut EP “Zack Zack Zack EP 1” due to be released, ltd handmade CD & Digital, on February 26, 2021 via Rennweg Records.

Obsessively pulsing, droning bass lines surge hypnotically under light, terse metallic clips, clapping disruptions, and lashing beats, interspersed by the nostalgic, sparkling, organic, raga-like tones of a Cümbüs Saz, while icy synth strains radiate bright waning ripples around cold, sinister male vocals gritty release of menacing fear into the atmospheric glow of reverb buzz.

Cinematic video, featuring Angelo Conti and Heidulf Gerngross, draws Lynchian vibes through a retro-modern performance with timeless depth-defying innuendoes from graphic lyrical subtitles, to depict a post-apocalyptic setting of urban decay, isolation, death, and sorrow. Black and white zigzag walls create a disassociated optical illusion effect behind the dramatic interpretations of a lounge singer, while a bizarre cast of audience members and crime noir transition scenes build a surreal backstory to engage the mind’s eye of imagination into an unrepressed dreamlike state of daring narration.

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