WL//WH Video Of The Day: YOUTH VALLEY featuring Serafim Tsotsonis “I Don’t Want To Go Out With You, Veronica”

Video Of The Day Youth Valley

After the captivating Self-Titled debut EP from the second part of 2020, the, at the time enigmatic, Athens, Greece based New Wave / Indie Rock trio, comprised of Joseph Powell (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Dean Jola (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals), and George V, channel the modern dystopic misery of Morrissey’s dire, aching vocals, poignant, obsessive guitar melodies, and nihilistic lyrical themes, in their latest video, by Masha Romanova, for the new single “I Don’t Want To Go Out With You, Veronica” featuring fellow musician Serafim Tsotsonis on piano, one-half of dream-pop duo Ocean Hope alongside his sister Angeliki, to be included on their forthcoming debut album due out in Winter 2022 on Athens’ independent label Make Me Happy Records.

Lush emotional swells of romantic daydreams infuse nimble evocative piano melodies, low soothing bass lines, off-tempo skipping drum beats, and wistful neurotic, and sparkling guitar strings with aching and yearning to lift and carry nostalgic gloomy croons into an obsessive breathless interlude of untamed passions, rising and falling into hopeless harmonies of loving wishes and angsty dread.

Dramatic video, directed by Masha Romanova stars the threesome with Gella Valavanis as ‘Veronica’, in an immersive bittersweet love story where desperate longings and restless moods surround the senses with delicate, muted tones and smoky, hypnotic auras to evoke timeless lovelorn feelings. Sheer dreamy Ethereal wardrobe (Melissanthi Spei) and intimate camera angles capture the intense, heartfelt melancholy of the soundtrack whilst shifting shadows and blinding light beams cast doubt and insight over alternating dimensions of fragile beauty and brooding misery to depict a disconnected duo lost between the alienating frequencies of fear and desire.

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photo by Masha Romanova