WL//WH Video Of The Day: YAKIMA JERA “Kara” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day YAKIMA JERA

In the wake of a startling refined and danceable, last January’s debut EP, “Capture”, just released on vinyl format, the Munich/Regensburg-based Minimal Coldwave duo, Yakima Jera, return with a symbolic video for the new single “Kara”, via Young and Cold Records.

Fascinated by the beauty of nature, the aesthetics of city darkness, the Bavarian Forest at night and the great emotions of people’s interactions, a cinematic music construct is built. A mélange of the joy of Joy Division, the poems of Patti Smith, the bleakness of Black Metal and the guitar sounds of 80s and 90s pop/punk influences the danceable dynamic sound of desire and reality.

An ominous wave of relentless muffled punchy drum beats, cut by crispy claps, leads gentle bewitching vocals to dance with trees along with tightly throbbing murky basslines, permeating a sinister persistent mist, wrapped in whirring synth flashes and sad echoing insistent guitar melodies, to shift subtle icy euphoria with anxious aching cries of fearless rebirth.

Visually engaging, a frantic escape through the corn fields leads to a wide open expanse of sun-setting horizons, opening transformative portals to sync with the supernatural soundtrack. Blurry trace overlays expand around a witchy gothic duo to unveil a surreal black-and-white dimension where emotional dancing, metamorphic shadows and strobing perceptions enhance cathartic insight.

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