WL//WH Video Of The Day: X MARKS THE PEDWALK “Fading Waves” (Official Video)


X Marks the Pedwalk, the longstanding Münster, Germany-based Synth-Electro-Pop act made up of Sevren Ni-Arb (Synth, Computer, Programming, Vocals) and Estefanía (vocals), returns with a transcendental video, “Fading Waves“, the first foretaste from the band’s twelfth album, ‘Superstition’, due out October 11, 2023, via their own label Meshwork Music.

On their 12th album in the 35-year band career, Sevren Ni-Arb and Estefania again touch our souls. “Superstition” is an immersive exploration of deepest desires and feelings and does not shy away from the somber reality of despair and mortality. Dive into the depths of human experience, the fragility of life, our vulnerability and the complexity of human connection. All is shaping our individual perceptions, and that makes each of us extraordinary and unique.

Fading Waves” captures a crisis of Faith, triggering haunting celestial skies to ebb and flow intermittently above obsessively both chugging and clattering, driving retro bass lines interlaced with steady punchy beats, and an array of dim icy bright synth configurations to surround and resonate atop distressed aching vocals and ghostly echoes with swirling swells of hopelessness and sorrow.

Dramatic visuals mirror the life-and-death scenario of the lyrics to sync seamlessly with the dire lost vibes of the soundtrack. The story begins with a man lying bloodied and unconscious under a bridge as paramedics quickly try to save him. Shapeshifting lights and shadows, symbolic overlays, and spiritual suggestions allude to a supernatural intervention, leaving the viewer soul-stirred and mystified in a heady alternate dimension.

X Marks the Pedwalk‘s 12th full-length LP, “Superstition”, is slated for release on October 11, 2023, via the band’s own Meshwork Music,

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