WL//WH Video of the Day : WRONG BODY “The Comeup”

Video of the Day  Wrong Body

Vienna based Austrian electronic composer Dino Spiluttini under his ‘Goth Crooner Pop’ alter ego Wrong Body (the first single was featured here ) has released today his 6-track debut tape “Benzo Edits”, through fellow Viennese independent label Cut Surface, “combining warmly enveloping musical arrangements with lyrics describing a sense of cold emotional desperation.“

The week has begun with the second single/video “The Comeup” (meaning the time between taking a drug and feeling its effects), a song everyone can relate to that will pull at your heartstrings as you probably know and or love someone with this fatal ailment.

Cinematic, moving and melancholic strings, sampled from 1986’s This Mortal Coil’s “Alone”, interspersed with  scattered piano keys and hypnotic slow pace beats underlying, introduce, intensify and ebb and flow harmoniously with prominent, sombre and emotional baritone, shifting to helpless cries of fear, longing, and despair, weighted with an overwhelming environment of decay, illness, and disintegration.

A song about pain, struggles, and coping. Rhetorical questions and observations are made about a loved one suffering from addiction. Clearly confused and unaware of the devastation caused to others, they find inner strength to continue a downward spiral into oblivion, possibly even death in this all to familiar tale of substance abuse.

Sheer, heartfelt, modern ‘soul music’.

The accompanied visuals, shot by the artist himself, use old sentimental movie clips, blurred trailing slow motion, and shadows to emphasize the disorientation, self deception, and turmoil caused by drug use. Distorted faces and emotions are unrecognizable through the haze of inebriation of their drugged perception. Muted fear and murky terror eclipsed by dimmed vision and mutated reflections engulf the warped environment of stark possibilities until only darkness is left.

A profound, disturbing look at a disease that effects not only the user but everyone around them, truly saddening.

The cassette will be officially out tomorrow on Bandcamp, don’t miss out!

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