WL//WH Video Of The Day : WRONG BODY “Always There”

Video Of The Day

Cut Surface is an DIY label based in Wien, Austria with an ecleptic roster of very interesting artists/bands ranging from the post-punk/coldwave of Bruch, Imposition Man and Lonesome Hot Dudes, the electronic experimentalism of J.G.G., the ‘lo-fi garage sci-fi disco trash’ of Ana Threat, to the surf of Beach Girls and the Monster and many more.

We know virtually nothing about the new act Wrong Body, just that they come from Wien, will play soon in the capital for the first time ever and that “Always There” is their debut.

Minimalistic and immersive, moving and emotional, light doesn’t clash with darkness, everything’s dipped in an existential grayness, just echoing deep beats, enveloping mournful atmospheric synths, emphasized by the haunting, heavily Ian Curtis-like, deep vocals, evoking an hopless sense of alienation and loneliness, always looking out for the other, desperately trying to figure ourself out, lost in the incommunicability and isolation of the modern world.

It could not have been better way to commemorate Ian Curtis death.

Check out the shadowy video where you can discern an ‘obscure Mancunian band of the early 80’s’, I’m a bit dumb, I needed a whole afternoon to notice it!

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