WL//WH Video of the Day: WLADYSLAW TREJO “Es Una Bestia”

Video Of The Day Wladyslaw Trejo

Spain-based ‘synthpunk expressionist’ and one half of synthwave duo Slovenska Televiza, Wladyslaw Trejo, has dropped the Music Video for the title track from his latest 5-track EP “Es una Bestia”, out now on ltd. coloured vinyl 12″, via London independent label Polytechnic Youth.

“Es una Bestia” engenders menacingly oppressive atmospheric drone that pulses and expands into the mechanical industrial rhythms of eerie primordial programming and discomforting glitchy delays, layering asymmetric synth expulsions, high pitch tonal frequencies, and dirty bassline grit and treachery with harsh outraged vocalizations pouring fury and retribution into the relentless repetitions of grinding electro menace.

Drawing from ancient stories such as the Boogeyman or Krampus, Trejo’s lyrics delve into the dark recesses of the soul to explore the mainstream populous under extreme times of group duress to beg the question, would a village be just in executing an unlawful vengeance upon a monster who had committed unspeakable crimes, including death, upon a child?

Illustrated video, created by Spanish graphic designer and illustrator Primo, dives into the latent psychological realms of the shadow self, using geometric shapes and minimal design to conceptualize both the good and the evil that lies within each of us and the particular situation that defines it.

Three-dimensional cubes spin hypnotically atop the heads of people containing either a rotating purple sphere, a chaotic neon blob, or nothing to represent the forces at play between light and dark behaviour while in a collective group or observing on the margins. The viewpoint shifts when a being is alone, daydreaming as one eye becomes transfixed onto a free form of external stimuli that pulses hypnotically to create a dangerously arousing intoxication of flashing hypnotic obsession.

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Photo by Cristina R. Vecino